How the Pieces of Faithful Meetings Fit Together

There are 3 components of Faithful Meetings with different ways to engage which you can mix-and-match as your schedule and interest allows.

On-line Classroom

  • Organized around monthly themes
    • Each theme has 2-4 topics
  • The structure works like this:
    • Topic
      • The forum is found at the bottom of the topic page
    • Quotes about topic
    • Resources about topic
  • You can interact with others in your community and respond to queries using the forums

Small Spiritual Formation Groups

  • Meet monthly
  • Follow loose but solid structure
  • Online groups for folks who can’t make the time to meet

Community Half-day Gatherings

  • Explore the monthly themes and topics as a community
    • worship sharing
    • discussions
    • activities
  • Worship together
  • Build new connections

The dates for the Community Gatherings, all on Saturdays between 9:00 and 1:00:

  1. May 6
  2. June 3 (skipping July due to Lake Erie Yearly Meeting)
  3. August 5
  4. September 9
  5. October 7
  6. November 5
  7. December 2
  8. And ending with a full-day retreat on January 6, 2024.


The various parts of Faithful Meetings are all connected and support one another so participating in any element is a connection with the whole program.

Additionally, you are strongly encouraged to engage in spiritual practice for the duration of the program. What spiritual practice you do, when, and how long you do it are entirely up to you. You may choose to talk about it with your spiritual formation group or not, as you wish. Individual spiritual practice does not directly link to any of the other parts of Faithful Meetings and yet will undergird all of it.


If you have questions about the program, contact me:
If you have questions about accessing the classroom/technology, contact our administrator, Olivia:
If you have questions about the Red Cedar Friends community, contact

Two weeks before each gathering, I will add the materials to the classroom. I’ll send an email letting you know that it is available.

This classroom will be available to Red Cedar Friends for 3 months after the end of the program.

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