Spiritual Formation (Template)

What to Do In a Spiritual Formation Group

Prioritize your group as much as you are able. The more intentional you are about it, the more you will get from it. Even if others do not seem to take it as seriously, bring your fullest self and trust that your relationship with the Spirit is being nurtured by how you show up. 

Be a good listener or reader.

Share as much of yourself as you trust yourself to share.

Hold everything that happens in your shared space as sacred. Honor confidentiality. Carry forward only what is yours. Hold your small group and its members in the Light.

If appropriate, try to identify what you will share with your group ahead of time so you can use your sharing time well.

While check-ins and discussions can lead to deep friendships, they sometimes slide the other way and cause groups to stay at a superficial level. The purpose of Faithful Meetings small groups is to foster spiritual and emotional intimacy. Some folks may find it useful to begin sharing by responding to one of these prompts. You are also welcome to share about your spiritual condition without the use of the prompts.

Where have you noticed the Divine in your life?
When have you been aware of that of God in yourself or in another person recently?
What have you done lately that took courage?
What happens for you in silence?
What is the hardest thing about being Quaker for you?
What is your most profound spiritual experience?
What is something you have carried that feels ready to be released?
To what have you been faithful?
How do you feel your understanding of the Divine evolving or changing?
When have you felt awe?
What about Quakerism feels most true to you?
What feels like a spiritual or emotional stretch for you right now?
Talk about when you noticed the spiritual elements of emotional challenges.
What and how are you grieving?
How do you feel the Spirit working in you?
What is the most challenging thing about being in a spiritual community?
Have you ever experienced a miracle? What did you learn about yourself or your relationship with God through it?
What are you doing when you hold a moment of silence before a meal?
What are you grateful for? How do you express gratitude?
What is a spiritual lesson, habit, or experience from your childhood that you carry with you today? Is it bridge or a block in your relationship with the Divine?
What does the word “blessing” mean to you?
What aspect of your life to you find it most challenging to connect your spiritual awareness with? What aspect is easiest?
Share recent experiences with:
-Spiritual practice
-Listening in tongues

Is there an intention you wish to set for yourself? How do you want the group to support you? How might accountability be useful to you through this group?

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