Welcome! Tell us about yourself.

Welcome Friends!
Faithful Meetings welcomes you exactly as you are right now.
This space is for Friends who’ve been around for a long while and for those who are brand-new;
for folks who are Queer, folks who are straight, and all orientations between and beyond;
for those of us who feel like misfits and we who are so inside we can’t even see it;
it is for Friends who came to their first meeting for worship because of the Peace Testimony and those of us who’ve never engaged in a social justice action;
this space is for individuals with every shade of skin, every accent, and every class and cultural background;
it is for people who are under educated, self educated, and very well educated;
it is for those who have an intense relationship with the Spirit, folks who are non-theists, and others who are “not sure-ists”;
and it is for folks who find the silence of Quaker worship to be comfortable and those whose bodies or minds cause stillness to be challenging.
This space is for you and for me and for all of us. Each of our voices and our perspectives are welcome here.  Let us make this a sacred space in which we can all show up as our true selves. Let us welcome and love one another as Friends.

This Faithful Meetings classroom was designed to foster community. Please introduce yourself and share whatever it is that you’d like us to know about you. If you find prompts helpful, try these:

  • Where are you now and where do you come from?
  • How long have you been part of this community?
  • What drew you to Friends?
  • What do you hope for from Faithful Meetings?
  • Is there anything you need us to know about you in order for you to feel comfortable here?
  • When you attend a potluck, what is one food you hope to find on the table?


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