FM That of God

“That of God” seems to be the most widely agreed upon of Quaker beliefs. While not a creed–we don’t expect A variety of succulent plantseveryone to believe in it to become members of the Religious Society of Friends–it is the foundational understanding for most Friends. When telling others about what Friends believe, after the litany of “we don’t”s, many of us say “Quakers believe there is that of God in everyone.”

I believe that we are each made in the image of God so each of us reflects our own unique “that” of God. When we come together in meeting for worship, in committees, caring for one another, or even just for potluck, we each bring different Light, different “thats” of God. When I am in touch with my “that”, when my ego can relax its need for control a bit, I can allow myself to be guided by that of God which is my truest self. When we can all do that in meeting for worship for the conduct of business, we are able to come to a unity centered in Divine Will. 

What does “that of God” mean to you? How do you experience it in yourself?

Some, including the earliest Friends, use “that of God” interchangeably with “the Seed”, “the Light”, “Inward Guide” and other terms. Are they the same or are there significant or nuanced differences?

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