2 From Lloyd Lee Wilson

Spiritual Authority in Our Meetings, by Lloyd Lee Wilson (45 mins.) On the Lamb’s War, by Lloyd Lee Wilson (6 mins.) From a presentation given at the 6th residency of the9th class of the On Being a Spiritual Nurturer program, November 2013.

Walking Cheerfully Over the Wetland – Joann Neuroth

I’m visiting “lower Louisiana” at the moment I write this –  where the water from mighty rivers meets the Gulf of Mexico, sometimes creating coastal land and nourishing marshes, redrawing islands and rerouting bayous.  At other times, the Gulf expands its reach inland, eroding what the rivers have deposited, in a continuous Ode to Change.  …

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Experiencing a persistent nudge, exploring it, taking on a spiritual practice, experiencing continued encouragement seemingly out of nowhere, listening, energy and excitement welling up, way opening—these are characteristics of the coming of a leading from God. Some time ago I began to feel a nudge to write a blog. As the nudge persisted I eventually …

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