Resources about the Divine (RC)


10 minutes Recording of Patty Levering teaching about Jesus saying “I am the way, the truth, and the Life” for School of the Spirit (probably Spiritual Nurturer class 7 or 8)

45 minutes Mackenzie Morgan interviewing Sam Barnett-Cormack Quaker Faith & Podcast Nontheist Quakers 2018

30 minutes Mackenzie Morgan and Micah Bales Quaker Faith & Podcast Jesus Christ is the Word of God 2017

1 hour 5 minutes Britain Yearly Meeting Friends Elizabeth Payne and Jon Martin host the podcast A Quaker Take On God for Woodbrooke 2018

Watch (or listen)

1 hour 10 minutes Friends Meeting at Cambridge Quaker Basics: Spiritual Diversity Among Friends facilitated by Veronica Barron 2021


5 minutes Stasa Morgan-Appel’s blog Musings of a Quaker Witch (Pagan Quaker) Explicit Meeting for Worship? 2009

10 minutes Sam Barnett-Cormack’s blog Openings The Limits of Quaker Universalism 2021

20 minutes Marty Paxson Grundy Words and the Word Friends Journal 2002

30 minutes Merry Stanford I Am Who I Am Friends Journal 2009

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