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Paying for Participating in God's Power

Dear Friend, 

We are glad you are considering applying for Participating in God’s Power. Please find, below, answers or links to what we hope are all things financial about this program. If you have further questions, feel free to contact the School of the Spirit administrator or the Program Coordinator.

Please be aware that your acceptance into Participating in God’s Power is not contingent on your ability to pay.

Cost: Cost for the year-long program is $4,820. If you feel drawn to the program, please apply! We operate on a “need blind” basis. We offer scholarships and celebrate their use by participants. Nobody has ever been turned away from a School of the Spirit program due to a lack of funds. No applicant, once accepted, has withdrawn from a School of the Spirit program for lack of funding. In your financial considerations, if you need to seek funding, please do so before filling out the Participating in God’s Power Payment Plan form.

Scholarships: For some suggestions and guidance, see the Scholarship FAQ section (bottom of page).

The total tuition of $4,820 includes a tuition deposit of $150 and an application fee of $50. The total tuition does not include expenses for books and for travel. To reserve your place in the program, please mail your $150 tuition deposit fee as soon as possible after you are accepted, no later than January 1, 2024.

Checks are payable to School of the Spirit Ministry and mailed to 4 Long Shoals Rd. Ste B484 Arden, NC 28704. For the application fee, tuition deposit, and/or tuition payment, we can also send you an invoice from PayPal to allow you to use that service or a credit card. Please email your request to the School of the Spirit administrator:

Your place in the program is not secure until we receive your tuition deposit.

The Participating in God’s Power Payment Plan Form allows you to work out how much you personally will owe for tuition and to decide by what plan of installments you will pay the tuition owed. Please complete and send in the form via email attachment to by January 1, 2024.

Here is the “small print”:

When signed, dated, and returned, the Participating in God’s Power Payment Plan Form constitutes a contract between you and the School of the Spirit Ministry (SotS) regarding payment of the net tuition fee.

If for any reason you need to withdraw from the program after we have received your tuition deposit, please notify us as soon as possible both verbally and in writing. If you formally withdraw from the program you will receive a refund based on your net tuition, the payment(s) we have already received, and the number of residencies attended. We will consider a residency attended if written notification of withdrawal is not received at least two weeks prior to the residency. If we have not received sufficient payment(s) to cover the residencies attended, we may bill you for the amount owed.

Other than for formal withdrawal, no refund or credit is given for unattended residential days or partial days or for missed meals. As different residencies have different start days and times, please familiarize yourself with the schedule of retreats.

A revised Payment Plan Form can be submitted at any time based on conversation and agreement between you and SotS.

Click here to download the Participating in God’s Power Payment Plan form to your computer. Fill in the yellow boxes with your information and attach it to an email to If you would rather print the form out and sign it, you can mail it to School of the Spirit Ministry, 4 Long Shoals Rd. Ste B484 Arden, NC 28704.

Scholarship FAQ

1. Why are scholarships offered?

The School of the Spirit Ministry (SotS) wants everyone who applies and is accepted into Participating in God’s Power to be included regardless of limited personal financial resources. Therefore, we offer scholarships and celebrate their use by participants.

2. What do scholarships cover?

In most cases, scholarships apply to reducing your program fees, which include room and board. You may have additional costs for travel and learning materials.

3. Where is scholarship information found?

The application form for scholarships for the Participating in God’s Power program are available here or from the SotS administrator,

4. How much aid should I request?

This will depend on your personal resources, your willingness to ask, and the support that you might expect from other sources. SotS can provide guidance to help you answer this question. We will work with you.

5. Should I also seek financial assistance from other organizations or sources?

Yes. We need applicants to seek funding from other sources in order to be sure we can meet the needs of everyone. These other sources include the applicant’s Monthly, Quarterly or Regional, and Yearly Meetings. In addition, grants are available from a variety of sources.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of funds available through New England, Philadelphia, and Lake Erie Yearly Meetings (Many of which are open to Friends from any yearly meeting.) We have heard that some of these funds are not getting as many requests as they would hope for. We will update this list as we learn of new funding options!

6. What effect does a scholarship request have on admission?
None. Acceptance into this program is not dependent upon ability to pay for the program. Decisions regarding admission are independent of financial information. Scholarship requests are considered after acceptance.

7. When should a scholarship application be submitted?

For Participating in God’s Power, applicants should apply after acceptance. We are aware that many granting groups, including the Lyman Fund, have application deadlines in mid-September and notification of acceptance in October. When applying for scholarship, please list grants for which you are applying.

Participants may submit new or additional scholarship applications at any time during the program if personal circumstances change, or if funding requests have been denied.

8. What are the sources for SotS scholarship assistance?

Contributions from individual supporters of the School of the Spirit Ministry and grants from foundations are the primary sources of scholarship funds.

9. Who makes the decisions about scholarship assistance?

Scholarship recipients and amounts are decided by a committee consisting of a Participating in God’s Power teacher/leader, a board member, and the Administrator.

10. Whom should I contact if I have further questions?

Contact either the SotS Administrator or the Program Coordinator.

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