FM Authenticity

What do we mean by “authenticity”? For me, it means to be able to show up as my “warts and all” self and be accepted. I want my individuality and unique ways of being to be not just okay but honored. As someone who is neurodivergent (I have ADHD), I show up in Quaker spaces sometimes quite different from most Friends. I want to be in community with people who are willing to learn that my quirks are intrinsically tied to the gifts I bring and to accept and even honor both. And I want to be in community with folks who feel safe enough to share their quirk-gifts with me. I want us to work together to make worship meaningful for all of us, no matter how we show up in the space.

What does authenticity mean to you?
What are the quirks and gifts that you bring to XYZ meeting?
How do you receive the quirks and gifts of others?
How does your community honor the different ways Friends engage in the life of the meeting?

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