Spring e-Retreat: April 9-10, 2021  

All Shall Be Well: Contemplation and Transformation


Many Friends have expressed their desire for contemplative time apart from daily life during this time of COVID-19, when in-person retreats are not feasible. In response, and to celebrate the renewal that takes place in the spring, we are offering an online retreat via Zoom. From Friday evening through Saturday afternoon, while you remain at home, you will be joined by others from their homes.


The retreat will begin on Friday evening, April 9, at 6:30 Central Time/7:30 Eastern Time. We will introduce ourselves to one another, worship together, and talk about plans for the next day.


On Saturday morning, April 10, we will gather online again at 8:00 Central Time/9:00 Eastern Time. The day will include worship, worship sharing, and silence. We’ll bid farewell at about 4:00/5:00pm.


About half of the time will be spent in individual contemplative silence. We’ve found that retreatants continue to feel one another’s presences during these quiet periods. In advance of the e-retreat, participants will receive by email a collection of suggestions for ways to spend the silent time. We will also, of course, send you the link for our Zoom time together.


There is a fee of $30 for this retreat. If this amount is not currently possible for you, please be assured that we have scholarship money available.


We have discovered that retreats are most rewarding when participants do not come and go. Your fellow retreatants will feel the disturbance if you can’t be with us the entire time. Please, if you know you will be otherwise occupied during part of the retreat, request to be placed on the waiting list for a future date.


Others have found e-Retreats rewarding. We hope that you will too!

Register Here by April 6!

If you have questions about the e-Retreat, you can email Catherine (blycox@comcast.net or 301-471-5330) or Roger (johnroger1@sbcglobal.net or 414-988-0605). There will be a limit of 21 participants in addition to the leaders.


Blessings from the e-Retreat leaders,

Roger Hansen, Catherine Cox, Thais Carr, and Elizabeth Evans

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