As a result of the lock-down caused by the coronavirus and COVID-19, the in-person Contemplative Retreats of the School of the Spirit Ministry have been cancelled or postponed. At this time, we may still have a retreat in Michigan in November, and our regular Martin Luther King jr. – day retreat at Powell House in 2021.

Recognizing the urgent need for spending time in contemplation apart from the new realities of daily life, we have put together a retreat to be done online. An e-Retreat. During the day-long retreat, you will be in your home or close by. At the same time, you will be joined by others in their homes.

The day will start at 9:00 AM Eastern Time, with a greeting using Zoom, brief introductions, and a time of worship together. Everyone will then spend the morning in contemplation. Around noon, we will gather again for an opportunity to briefly share things that have arisen during your morning. And again, we will leave our Zoom gathering to contemplatively retreat. At about 4:00 or so, we’ll come back together for a bit more sharing, worship, and farewell. This is a rough plan for the day, though the leader may change things as led.

In advance of the e-retreat, participants will receive by email a nice collection of suggestions for ways to spend the time.

We hope you will find this form of contemplative retreat fulfilling and rewarding.

To find out more, and to register for our next retreat, please email info@schoolofthespirit.org.


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