Call for an Administrator

The School of the Spirit (SotS) ministry seeks an Administrator to provide Spirit-grounded servant leadership for its work. The administrator will be an independent contractor, by which we mean: 

1) They consider themselves to be a professional administrator who assembles a portfolio of work that includes this contract with SotS.
2) They agree to deliver the following services in exchange for $27,000 annually, assuming the financial risk that accomplishing the goals may require more time/resources than anticipated.  (This represents a base of $20,000 plus 30% in lieu of benefits.)
3) They are responsible for declaring their fee as income for Federal and State tax purposes, as well for paying their own self-employment tax. For this purpose, SotS will issue a form 1099-MISC. They are not covered by Workers’ Compensation.
4) Independent contractors “assume the risk” of estimating for themselves how much time they’ll use to accomplish the deliverables below. Thus, we don’t specify a time commitment.  For your information as you make your own estimate, our current administrator reports dedicating about a half-time work week, though work is seasonal and irregular.

The services we seek to obtain are as follows.
         [To help applicants to assess the workload against the proposed fee, we have included some details after each deliverable to give an idea of the scope of work involved.]

1) Proactively anticipate opportunities and roadblocks for the Ministry, and offer potential solutions, systems or tools to the board for managing them well.
          The 5-20 person Board of Directors meets monthly by video and 1-2 times/year in person.

2) Keep the ministry’s financial books in order, to the satisfaction of the treasurer. Specifically, this includes ledgering daily transactions, monthly bank-to-checkbook reconciliation, and special analyses and tools as requested by the treasurer or finance committee. Track income/expense and cash flows from programs. Ensure that participants are informed about and invoiced for balances due and that the treasurer has current information about program income and expenses.
           Our annual budget is currently approximately $37,000. We use an on-line bank and currently have approximately $60,000 in an interest-bearing checking account. We also have funds at Friends Fiduciary, currently valued at about $125,000. Ledgering takes place in a Google drive using Google Sheets. On average, the administrator processes 65 transactions monthly when 2-3 programs are operational. The Board is discerning a call to new ministry (see #5 below) which might increase this frequency.

3) Maintain the ministry’s donor database. Specifically, the database work includes daily recording of transactions, quarterly summary updates on contributions and analysis of significant patterns and trends for use in soliciting funding from donors and grantors.
          In a typical year, we receive 125 contributions from 80 discrete donors. We use Little Green Light software to track a total of 818 current and past contributors.

4) Support ongoing communication among board members, teaching teams and prayer partners, program graduates and donors. To this end, triage and refer e-mail messages within 24 hours of receipt and track resolution of issues.
 receives 75 emails in a typical month.

5) Provide administrative support for programs. This includes facility rental as needed, publicity, registration forms, and fiscal record keeping.
          The ministry has two currently active programs: Contemplative Retreats (4-5 weekend retreats/year) and Participating in God’s Power (4 weekend residencies over a year with between residency gatherings). Both have transitioned to virtual delivery during the COVID pandemic. The Ministry is developing a third program Faithful Meetings (corporate spiritual formation for entire Quaker Meetings) and a fourth program (On Being a Spiritual Nurturer) is in a sabbatical period between offerings.

6) Establish and maintain a robust flow of communication with supporters of the ministry. This includes publishing monthly issues of Snapshots, reviewing the website frequently to notice the need for timely updates, generating displays and publications to support marketing efforts for programs, and working with program teaching and leadership teams to identify content for the various communication tools.

7) Ensure compliance with legal requirements the ministry has undertaken, including incorporation, insurance, IRS filings and other routine paperwork.

We consider the gift of administration to be one kind of ministry, and we are seeking candidates who feel called to this ministry in service of The School of the Spirit Ministry. To that end, we ask that your resume be accompanied by a cover letter in which you describe your call to the ministry of this position. Please include also the names and contact information of three people who have experience with your work. Email these items to co-clerks Mary Linda McKinney and Joann Neuroth at Also contact them if you have questions pertaining to the position.

For more information about the School of the Spirit Ministry, please explore our website. You may also fill in some blanks by clicking here to read this document on the structure of the School of the Spirit.

We anticipate a January 1, 2021 start date for the successful candidate.

Click here for a printable pdf of this announcement.

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