Core Characteristics

  • Our Core Characteristics define how we conduct our life as a ministry, whether it be around the table of the Board, within the teams of teachers and retreat facilitators, or among the community of each program’s participants.  In all these venues, the Ministry:
      • Is rooted, grounded, and lived out in prayer and expectant waiting upon the Divine, which seeks to heal, grow, and sustain us, and upon its guidance, which we experience as transformative.
      • Is willing to struggle through respectful and authentic conflict, when necessary, to birth new Life when it is opened to us by Spirit.
      • Strengthens understanding and appreciation of the Christ-centered roots of Quakerism, its theology, practices, and traditions.
      • Explores our Christian grounding while listening to and recognizing spiritual openings and committed journeys in whatever form they appear. This rare combination leads to deeper spiritual understanding and brings forth a greater tenderness with each other.
      • Fosters a deeper appreciation of the rhythms of the contemplative life as lived out within a faith community. 
      • Offers opportunities for deeper learning that can ground our spiritual life in the Eternal and move us to love ourselves and our community in new ways.
      • Deepens appreciation of how a covenant community is called to name and develop its members’ gifts and to be faithful to its collective call to heal the world in partnership with the Creator.
      • Labors under a concern that this ministry has been too centered around the experiences of individuals with white privilege. We are called to build the fullness of the Kingdom of God in our board, faculty, staff, and program participants.
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