Scholarship FAQ

The Sandra Cronk Memorial Scholarship Fund

1. Why are scholarships offered?
The School of the Spirit Ministry (SotS) wants everyone who applies and is accepted to participate regardless of limited personal financial resources. Therefore, we offer scholarships and celebrate their use by participants.

2. What do scholarships cover?
In most cases, scholarships apply to reducing your program fees, which include room and board. You may have additional costs for travel and learning materials.

3. Where is scholarship information found?
The application forms for scholarships for the On Being A Spiritual Nurturer program are available here on this website or from the SotS Administrator.

4. How much aid should I request?
This will depend on your personal resources, your willingness to ask, and the support that you might expect from other sources. SotS can provide guidance to help you answer this question.

5. Should I also seek financial assistance from other organizations or sources?
Yes. The School of the Spirit Ministry’s resources are seldom sufficient to fund all scholarship requests or the full amount of each request. Strong preference is given to scholarship applicants who demonstrate that financial support has been sought from other sources, in particular from the applicant’s Monthly and Yearly Meeting. A useful resource for grant information is the Friends Funding Directory produced by Philadelphia Yearly Meeting.

6. What effect does a scholarship request have on admission?
None. Acceptance into a program is not dependent upon ability to pay for a program. Decisions regarding admission are independent of financial information. Scholarship requests are addressed after acceptance.

7. When should a scholarship application be submitted?
For On Being a Spiritual Nurturer, applicants should refer to that program’s scholarship guidelines. Participants may submit new or additional scholarship applications at any time during the program if personal circumstances change.

8. What are the sources for SotS scholarship assistance?
Contributions from individual supporters of the School of the Spirit Ministry and grants from foundations are the primary sources of scholarship funds.

9. Who makes the decisions about scholarship assistance?
Scholarship recipients and amounts are decided by a committee consisting of a SotS teacher/leader, a board member, and the Administrator.

10. Whom should I contact if I have further questions?
Contact either the SotS Administrator or the Program Coordinator.

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