Money Matters

and Payment Plan Form

Please be aware that your acceptance into On Being A Spiritual Nurturer is not contingent on your ability to pay. In your financial considerations, if you need to seek funding, please do so before filling out the Payment Plan form. For some suggestions and guidance, see other pages on this website, including scholarships,  scholarship frequently asked questions page and the scholarship application page.

The total tuition of $7,000 includes a non-refundable tuition deposit of $400. This deposit partially covers SotS’s costs for the first residency if you were to withdraw early from the program. The total tuition does not include expenses for books and for travel. To reserve your place in the program, please mail your $400 non-refundable tuition deposit fee as soon as possible or not later than August 15, 2018.

Checks are payable to School of the Spirit Ministry and mailed to 360 Blossom Hill Drive, Lancaster, PA 17601.

Your place in the program is not secure until we receive your tuition deposit.

The Payment Plan Form below allows you to work out how much you personally will owe for tuition and to decide by what plan of installments you will pay the tuition owed. There are several options, including plans spread across the 18 months of the program. Please complete and send in the form via email attachment ( by August 15, 2018.

Here is the “small print”:

When signed, dated, and returned, the Payment Plan Form constitutes a contract between you and the School of the Spirit Ministry (SotS) regarding payment of the net tuition fee.

If for any reason you need to withdraw from the program after we have received your tuition deposit, please notify us as soon as possible both verbally and in writing. If you formally withdraw from the program you will receive a refund based on your net tuition, the payment(s) we have already received, and the number of residencies attended. We will consider a residency attended if written notification of withdrawal is not received at least two weeks prior to the residency. If we have not received sufficient payment(s) to cover the residencies attended, we may bill you for the amount owed.

Other than for formal withdrawal, no refund or credit is given for unattended residential days or partial days or for missed meals. All residencies begin at 4:00 p.m. on the first day and close with lunch at noon on the last day.

A revised Payment Plan Form can be submitted at any time based on conversation and agreement between you and SotS.

Click here to download the Payment Plan form to your computer. Fill in the yellow boxes with your information and attach it to an email to Here’s the same form as a pdf, if you would rather print it out, sign it and mail it to School of the Spirit Ministry, 360 Blossom Hill Drive, Lancaster, PA 17601.

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