The Application Process for the next class of On Being a Spiritual Nurturer will begin in January, 2020.

However, if you would like to start preparing, here are the pieces we will expect in your completed application to the On Being a Spiritual Nurturer:

1. Cover Sheet (personal information)
2. Responses to application questions
3. Recommendations (2)
4. Application Fee ($45)

Cover sheet and application are available here:

SN Cover Sheet & Application as Word document
SN Cover Sheet & Application as PDF

Recommendations: pleased provide contact information of two persons who will write recommendations addressing:

1. Your readiness and aptitude for this program;
2. Your emotional and spiritual maturity;
3. Your preparation to enter this program; and
4. Your new areas of growth as well as your demonstrated gifts.

One of the 2 recommendations should be from a person in your home Meeting or Church.

Application fee: $45 application fee can be made with a check, credit card, or PayPal account.

Submission of Application

Your application may be submitted electronically (preferred method) to or by postal mail at 360 Blossom Hill Drive, Lancaster, PA 17601.

 Application Questions
  1. Write a summary (4-6 pages) of your experience with spiritual nurture ministry. Reflect on how you have been drawn toward or clearly discerned a call to spiritual nurture and its study. We seek to understand how this call has risen out of your personal faith, faith community, life experience, education, and training. We encourage you to offer stories that describe your explorations, wrestling, insights, and lessons learned. Please include your experience of desiring, seeking, or receiving support concerning this call.
  2. Respond succinctly but fully in writing to the following discernment questions.
    These questions are meant for your own discernment as well as to assist us in the admission process.
  1. Describe your ability to listen for and recognize committed spiritual journeys in whatever form they may appear.
  2. Describe your response to and level of comfort with the Christian grounding of Quakerism and with Christ-centered language.
  3. What personal needs demand a major part of your attention at this time? (e.g., recent loss, emotional or health issues, financial or family pressures, professional demands, opportunities for service in your meeting/church and beyond)
  4. Describe how you will make the time available in your life to commit to all that this program calls for (daily prayer, attendance at all the residencies, meeting monthly with a Care Committee, reading up to 100 pages per month, and preparing a project and papers).
  5. Have you persons in mind who might serve on your Care Committee? What challenges, if any, do you anticipate in forming and having a Care Committee?
  6. How will you pay for this program? (We encourage you to seek assistance from your Meeting, Yearly Meeting, and other sources; SotS scholarships are available for applicants who have been accepted.)
  7. The days of the residencies, while grounded in a contemplative rhythm including a break for rest, are full and require focus and stamina. For your safety and health, are there any limitations that might affect your participation this program? (See the sample daily schedule in the Program Guide.)
  8. What other questions, if any, have arisen in your discernment process for undertaking this program?

For more information, please email 

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