This page offers links to essays and audio related to the purposes of the School of the Spirit Ministry. We will expand these offerings over time. At present, we are offering material as Web pages, PDF files and mp3 files (audio).

The Stranger Walking With Us, by Rita Willett 

An article that appeared in the January/February, 2015, issue of Quaker Life. 

Bridge, by Mary Linda McKinney 

A panel presentation given at the 5th residency of the On Being a Spiritual Nurturer program, September 2013

Spiritual Authority in Our Meetings, by Lloyd Lee Wilson (45 mins.)

On the Lamb’s War, by Lloyd Lee Wilson (6 mins.)

From a presentation given at the 6th residency of the On Being a Spiritual Nurturer program, November 2013.

Upon Retirement As Core Teachers, December 2013

Reflections from Patty and Mike on their anticipated retirement as Core Teachers in June 2014.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving, by Jane Sobie

Jane Sobie, a member of the 8th class of On Being a Spiritual Nurturer, reflects upon her experience of re-entering the Avila Retreat Center for the Spiritual Renewal Retreat in November 2013.

THE ESSENTIALS OF PROGRAMS OF THE SCHOOL OF THE SPIRIT MINISTRY, with particular attention to the program of

Silent Retreats in the Manner of Friends

This document outlines the particular practices that characterize an SotS silent retreat, as well as offering some of the history of this program under its care.

On Being a Spiritual Nurturer, 2012 – 2014, Readings to Obtain List

A list of books and pamphlets which participants in the 9th Spiritual Nurturer class are asked to obtain. The list does not include additional articles which would be part of each residency’s reading list.

Reflections on the Blessed Community, by Carole Treadway

This is a presentation would give during the first residency of the On Being a Spiritual Nurturer program when she was a core teacher (2002-2011).

Pilgrimage to Iona, by Marybeth Toomey

Marybeth shares her reflections on a pilgrimage to the isle of Iona in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland.

Stream’s Heart, by Lisa Lofland Gould

Lisa prepared this quilt as her final project for the 2008-10 class of the On Being a Spiritual Nurturer program.

Images of Threads and Labyrinths, by Judy Purvis

A reflection on a life’s journey through George MacDonald’s The Princess and the Goblin. Judy wrote this reflection for her first-year project as a member of 2009-11 class of the On Being a Spiritual Nurturer program.

Poulenc, Oboe Sonata, first movement
Played by Bruce Neumann (oboe) and Mike Green (piano)
Recorded July 28, 2011

Bruce and Mike playing at Bruce’s home on the occasion of a potluck with Fresh Pond Friends. They also played at the final residency of the Spiritual Nurturer program. 

Quaker Spirituality and Addiction: A Retreat for Concerned Friends, by Rita M. Willett 

An outline and description of a retreat for Friends concerned about addiction prepared for the On Being a Spiritual Nurturer program, January 2011. 

The Call, by Charlotte Basham 

A play produced as a final project for the On Being a Spiritual Nurturer program, May 2011. 

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